In keeping with our congregational commitment to environmental justice and education, we invite all our guests to reflect on their need to revere and preserve the earth.

To meet our commitment to a sustainable future and to preserve the earth for future generations, we follow several earth-friendly practices including:

  • Promoting green construction building practices
  • Organic gardening to grow seasonable produce for our dining room
  • Recycling programs for paper, glass, metals and plastics
  • Composting kitchen waste
  • Using electric vehicles for on-property transportation and local travel
  • Minimum-impact printers
  • Responsible e-recycling of outdated electronics and technology by-products such as toner cartridges

In 2005 we cut the ribbon on a LEED Gold Certified Welcoming Center. Construction of the building followed green construction methods and materials used throughout in order to reduce our carbon footprint. The building also serves as an educational center for our guests with a green display about the building in our lobby.